The LK Advantage Philosophy

At LK Advantage PS, we are guided by four fundamental principles known as LK Advantage PS Professionalism, Integrity, Knowledge, Efficiency. By mastering those four core values, LK Advantage PS has established itself as the preeminent real estate investment firm in Beaufort.


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Our Process

Through the years one thing we’ve learned is each home selling scenario is unique. With that in mind, LK Advantage has built its company to be flexible, understanding, and oftentimes creative to meet a seller’s needs. Our goal is to make the entire process as enjoyable as possible for the seller, while also creating stunning homes that will increase property values and make neighbors proud to live in their community.



  • Homeowner reaches out
  • Neighbor referral
  • Realtor referral
  • Vacant distressed properties


  • Seller consultation
  • Property improvement cost analysis
  • Determine current market value
  • Estimation of resale value


  • Write an all cash offer
  • Coordinate all closing documents
  • Transfer funding to the closing attorney
  • Close and record at attorney’s office


  • Finalize design and repair estimate
  • Management of contractors
  • Stage, list for sale, and re-sell

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A Winning Team

WE WANT TO HELP YOU FEEL confident in the entire selling process.

Curious how LK Advantage has closed Hundreds of transactions?

At LK Advantage, we pride ourselves on having a strong foundation of real estate knowledge and training. In addition actively operating a residential redevelopment company in Beaufort South Carolina. In our tenure we have had the opportunity to be keynote of investors across the country as well as teaching  live hours of virtual online real estate education. Sharing our knowledge of the market and safe investment strategies is a true passion that lies at the core of our business.

Our number one focus is on providing solutions for our clients. We know if we can dedicate ourselves to putting our client’s best interest first we will be successful in all endeavors. Our goal is to be uniquely different in our approach. Although there are often times great benefits in pursuing an investment offer like ours, we also know we may not be the right fit. During our conversations LK Advantage will first educate you on the process of selling your home and most importantly, what your options are. All too often home sellers don’t fully understand their options because of a one-dimensional approach from either a real estate agent or an investor. To carry yourself with integrity we believe this is not a one size fits all business and you, the seller, need to know all the options so you can make a knowledgeable decision.

Utilizing cash funding from many private investors throughout the country allows us to be very accommodating to the seller. With the use of cash funding we can close on the sellers timeline in as little as 15 days or as long as is needed. We also cut out the middleman and save both parties commissions, closing fees, and loan fees. Last but not least LK Advantage will not ask the seller to make any repairs, updates, or improvements; we will purchase the property in as is condition. In many situations one or all of these benefits are very important to sellers, making us the right fit.

Since inception LK Advantage and its subsidiaries have been a part of well over 10 real estate transactions in the greater Beaufort area. Our blended real estate focus has allowed us to be a part of several area renovations, rental investments, apartment complex acquisitions, short sales, and new construction builds. Along the way we have learned that sometimes less is more and because of that have kept our team small. With a large staff we will not be able to provide the quality and service needed to match our core values.