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It’s no secret that most real estate investors and agents have a less than amicable relationship. Some novice investors tend to look at agents as an unnecessary expense, immediately rejecting the idea of working with them. On the other hand, most agents think investors are not serious and just a waste of their time. All in all, the investor/agent relationship has a fair amount of mistrust, an overall lack of respect and very little understanding. However, if one can look past the predispositions and realize there is benefit and real value in the other party, then agents and investors can have very fruitful working relationships.

In fact, the best and most successful investors in the real estate industry are those who understand the power of that relationship. Both parties can offer invaluable services to each other, resulting in partnerships that work together for higher paychecks. Real estate agents need to sell their listings, and they constantly need more listings. Real estate investors need inventory to purchase and could often use a helping hand selling their properties – saving valuable time that could be spent working ON their business. So, shouldn’t it be a natural fit?

At LK Advantage  PS, we learned this lesson. Since starting the company, we have worked diligently to develop long-term and respectful relationships with many real estate agents in the Beaufort area.

We’ve worked with numerous real estate agents that actually represent us as a buyer’s agent when they discover a potential acquisition opportunity. We want to make it very clear. We are licensed agents but are not focused on general real estate as a full time profession, so we rely on our network of real estate agents to help us locate renovation and new construction opportunities.

Have an opportunity you think we would be interested in buying? We’d love to connect to discuss the opportunity.

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